Geelong Real Estate Photography have a natural ability in utilising the natural light to capture your property at it's best.

Geelong Real Estate Photography have an eye for producing exceptional outdoor and indoor images of your home with the use of natural light at specific times of the day. 

The floor plan is an essential part of the digital process when selling or buying a property. A potential buyer wants to see the layout of the property before inspection. Combining a professionally drafted floor plan with professional photography, Geelong Real Estate Photography can provide your floor plan with a with real sense of space for each room.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
The use of high tech cameras mounted in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and controlled remotely can give your home a unique perspective from above.

Elevated Pole Photography
GRP uses a vehicle mounted pole and camera to capture your property up to 20 metres. This method encapsulates a property up to 4 acres and is cost effective.

The use of drones is a way of featuring assets of your property that may not be able to be captured from ground level. This method is ideal for rural properties and acreage.

To truly understand the scale of a region or property, it just needs to be photographed from above. Geelong Real Estate Photography has a knack for highlighting property assets from above capturing amazing views and giving larger scale properties perspective.